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General Solar Power FAQs - 4

General grid connect questions
What is a grid connect solar power system?
 Grid connect systems, often located in built up areas, supply solar electricity through an inverter directly to the household and to the electricity grid if the system is providing more energy than the house needs. When power is supplied to the mains grid, the home owner usually receives a credit or a payment for that electricity. This is called a feed in tariff.

What can affect the amount of solar energy received?
 The strength of the solar energy (radiation) available depends on the time of year, the time of day, and the latitude of the generation point. The amount of energy generated can be further affected by the amount of dust and water vapour in the air, the amount of cloud cover and any shading of the solar panels.

Does roof orientation really matter?
 Most certainly. For example, a system with solar panels facing in a westerly direction will generate far less than one with a northerly aspect.

How much does a grid connect solar power setup cost?
 Prices vary according to size and location - try our solar quote.

What is a feed in tariff and how much will I get paid?
 A feed in tariff is whereby a grid connect system owner is paid for the electricity their system generates by a utility or government agency. There are two different types of tariffs, gross and net. A gross feed in tariff pays a premium on all electricity produced whereas a net feed in tariff only pays on surplus energy created by the system. The amount paid is usually above market rate, but this varies from state to state.

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