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General Solar Power FAQs - 2

With grid connect systems, what can I do to keep power during a blackout?
 You will need battery back-up.

Can you retro-fit battery backup into a grid connect system?
 Yes, battery backup systems require additional components similar to RAPS, such as, solar regulator, batteries, and inverter.

What sized system will I need?
 Any size grid connect solar system will help slash your power bills. To determine how large a system you'll need to gain the savings you wish, try our online solar quotes tool.

Will I need to re-roof my house?
 In most situations, the PV panels can be easily removed and reinstalled, with minimal, if any, changes to your roof.

Building suitability for Solar System?
 Several aspects will need to be evaluated to determine if your home is a good solar site, such as orientation, space available, shadows on the space available and your current electricity usage. The best site will be one with adequate unshaded northerly facing roofing. Variations on that will cut into the productivity of the system.

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