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Sunray Solar commercial solar power solutions:
The cost of solar power has dramatically reduced in past couple of years , add this to this rising cost of electricity, and the case for installing solar power has never been stronger particularly for the commercial / business sector.
An investment in solar power is an investment in your future. Keep a step ahead of the ever increasing power costs, build in long term sustainability for your business by reducing operating costs, add significant value to your premises, reduce your carbon footprint and create a visual affect.
Business Case
    It is commonly thought that without a high feed-in tariff solar power is not viable. In actual fact a well sized system has the ability to pay for itself in around three years. A feed-in tariff is merely a bonus.
  Here are some factors that will influence the pay back of your commercial solar system.
    • The amount of power the solar system can produce, on a daily basis.
    • The ability of the business to use that power being generated.
    • The amount paid for power on a per Kilowatt hour basis.
    • Roof orientation and pitch. (solutions are available for most roof types and orientations).
    • The average number of generation hours at your disposal (This will depend on where you live in Australia) Australia is possibly the best country in the world for solar.
    • A solar system is a long term investment. It is very important to choose components that will stand on your investment and peace of mind.
  We understand that investing solar power is a big decision and not to be taken lightly. We provide an onsite consultative service, professional, fully accredited installation, feasibility studies on request, and full project management service and Get a quote?

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